Utah Technology

Utah Technology
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High technology industries and occupations are some of the fastest growing, with the highest paying wages worldwide. The state is establishing itself as a formidable player in the high technology industry, making a name as an alternative area to do business. Recent articles and rankings in Wired, Red Herring, The Industry Standard, and Money magazines, are just a few of the publications highlighting the state as a quality business location. With a competitive position relative to some of the nation’s more popular high technology locations, skilled labor force, competitive wages, lower general operating costs, and an excellent quality of life, the state is attracting many companies.


  • Developers
  • Producers
  • Manufacturers and/or Sellers of computer software, hardware, systems, telecommunication-related products and services, and dot.com’s.

According to the Utah Information Technology Association (UITA), Utah’s high technology industry is Utah’s largest growing industry, generating more than $7.7 billion in revenues in 1999, up 8.5% from 1998.

Even with this growth, the state is not becoming complacent with its current high technology successes. Public officials and private business leaders are looking to strengthen the station’s position for the future. One major initiative involves the Utah-Silicon Valley Alliance, which was created to target two main goals: 1) create an environment that will attract and retain venture capital funding; 2) to accelerate Utah’s emergence as a technology center, providing an attractive grow-out location for high technology firms.

Utah is conveniently located 2.5 hours by air travel from half of the nation’s population. The Salt Lake International Airport is located just 10 minutes west of downtown Salt Lake City. Currently, 11 airlines provide 343 daily flights to 68 destinations. Delta Air Lines operates a hub in Salt Lake City.


  • Utah’s high school graduation rate is 90.7%, ranking 4th in the nation. (US Census Bureau)\
  • Utah has nine public colleges and universities and four private institutions of higher learning. Of these, three are renowned research universities: University of Utah, Brigham Young University and Utah State University.
  • The University of Utah ranks #4 in start-up companies created through technology transfer. (1999 Association of University Technology Managers, Autumn Licensing Report)
  • Utah is projected to have the nation’s fastest college enrollment until the year 2007.
  • Utah is ranked 11th in the percentage of civilian scientists and engineers in the workforce; fifth in education technology, based on number of classrooms wired for the Internet and teachers with technology training. (Progressive Policy Institute, The State New Economy Index, July 1999)
  • Utah’s higher academic institution student concentration is one of the highest in the nation with more than 152,000 students attending colleges and universities statewide. (Utah Board of Regents)
  • Utah was named the top state for computer ownership by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s report Falling Through The Net: Toward Digital Inclusion, a report on America’s access to technology tools, released October 16, 2000.
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